SMS – Text messaging

Send MOT and service reminders and increase business

  • Send personal SMS text reminders for MOT Test and Service reminder dates direct to your customers mobile – via your PC (you will need broadband to take advantage of SMS messaging) Its quick, efficient,and requires no setting up other than entering your user name and password. You will need an account from Bulk SMS to use this part of the system, and also need an internet connection
  • Send instant messages to your customer such as ‘vehicle ready’ – or not !
  • There is very little setting up to do (almost none) – just enter your Bulk SMS User name and Password within Master setup – Then to send a message just push the button (seen in Customer Details – Vehicle Details – and Search Engine 1) the message is created with Vehicle number – Test Expiry Date or Service Date – Garage name and Phone number – it could not be easier. You can edit your standard messages within the Master setup – but for most the default message works well.

No additional software to install

  • As the SMS Text software is build into GB Pro there is no need to install or pre configure any other software – its all there within GB Pro – if you don’t want to use the SMS feature or have not got broadband then you can ignore this part of the system (if you have broadband – please use the SMS part of our system – you’ll love it and so will your customers).
  • Text message are typically 4p per message to send, and you can pre pay for these messages