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What is the difference between GB Pro and GB Pro Lite? (click here)

GB Pro TRADitional management System

GB Pro is a traditional management system designed to be installed on a PC in your business premises - this means you are in control - no need to worry about the internet - no need to worry who has your data (you do).

NO monthly payments - NO susbscriptions - its your forever

If the internet goes down - GB Pro carries on working (but you can't send SMS or emails without the internet). GB Pro V3 is easy to network within your premises and if you want to work from home there are easy and cost effective ways to access your work from home


Will GB Pro run on Windows 7, 8 10, or 11

Yes GB Pro will run on Windows 11,10, 8, Windows 7, Vista, or XP with Service pack 2. Its been fully tried and tested with each version of Windows.

Mac Computers: You can run GB Pro on a Mac computer provided you have installed a Windows operating system on your Mac first. This can be done very easily and if you use software such as Parallels Desktop for Mac you can switch between your Mac operating system and Windows without re starting your computer.


What is the latest version of GB Pro

Difference between versions

The latest version is V3.24 (GB Pro Plus). Between version numbers we also provide updates and additional features to that version, so if you have a support contract (which is optional) you can take advantage of these upgrades when they arrive. . Updates add extra features to the software and are not technical upgrades. You don™t have to use an upgrade if you dont want. We listen to feedback and endeavor to incorporate whenever possible new features and functions that are asked for by our users.

What do your customers say? Can I network GB Pro (not GB Pro Lite)

Yes you can, you can network GB Pro within your premises either from the start or later on. If you decode to network later stage this does not interfere with any data already entered. The ability to network is built into GB Pro from the start. If you are going to network GB Pro you will need an additional user licence (with the exception of installing on a file server which would not need an additional licence). See the networking page

I have several branches can they be connected

We have a managmene solution for multi branches. Depending on how you want to achieve this, will determine which software application you would need. Please contact us so we can explain the options available.

Do I need an INTERNET connection to use GB Pro

No you don't. GB Pro is a totally standalone system that does not require any connection to the Internet. If you want to use the Text (SMS) system and to send email via GB Pro then you will need an Internet connection.

How long have you been supplying Garage Management Systems

We have been designing Garage Management software for over 25 yrs. GB Pro V2.1 was initially launched in 2004 and was based on the success of our previous garage management systems dating back to 1999. By purchasing GB Pro V3 you can be sure that you are in safe hands™ joining a substantial number of garage businesses throughout the UK and abroad using GB Pro V3.

My Country My Currency My Tax

The currency that GB Pro uses is set by your own computer in regional settings (this currency will then be displayed on the invoices that GB Pro produces).

Other areas of the software allow you to enter regional wordings. We have users in the UK “ Ireland “ Australia “ New Zealand “ Nigeria “ USA “ Malaysia “ Canada “ India and 1 user in The Falkland Islands. If you™d like to see GB Pro working then please call us and we can arrange to install GB Pro on your computer for a trial period. We have incorporated 3 sales tax bands which you can rename to suit your country and adjust the tax rates accordingly.

Where can I get help if I get stuck

Once you have purchased GB Pro we want to ensure that you are up and running with the minimum amount of fuss, so we provide a priority free telephone support service for this 24 / 7. Support in this initial free period can be either via telephone or email whichever you prefer and is free of charge. We are confident that you will find GB Pro easy to install, easy to use and a great time saver for you, however, if you get stuck help is there.

You will also receive a second training version of GB Pro“ which is ideal to play around with and understand how all the functions work without having to worry about messing around with your live business data. It has some per-entered data to help get you started.

Our help number is a normal rate phone line and you can access them 24 / 7. At weekends we still provide support but it is on a call back system.

After your initial free period you can opt to go on an annual support package.

I am not sure what PC system to install

The quick answer to this is to contact us for advice before you buy or purchase a system. You can also purchase a system from us with GB Pro already pre installed via our local Partner network.

Some businesses spend more money than they maybe need to when buying a computer. GB Pro will run on any entry level PC, you will not see much difference in performance when using GB Pro between an entry level PC and a top of the range PC. Please note that if you intend to use your PC for other applications such as CAD design or graphics then this might require you to use a PC with a higher specification. The reliability of your PC is more important than speed.

Workshop job sheet viewer

In GB Pro V3 there is an option to install a Workshop Job sheet viewer (this requires an addtional licence if installed on a addtional PC). The purpose of this is to push jobs thru to your workshop - where your technicinas can view their jobs, acknoweldge back to the main GB Pro that they are aware of the job. The job can also be monitoried from the main GB Pro as technicians can input the job details and any parts that they are using. You will need to be networked via a LAN (Local Area Network).

What is a Forever licence

A forever licence means you can use GB Pro forever. There are no time restraints or contracts and there are no further fees to pay (there is one exception which is outlined here). You can use GB Pro on your installed PC for as long as you wish. You also have the added benefit that If you need to change PC's at a later stage then you can install GB Pro on a replacement PC. If you purchased or upgraded to GB Pro V2.18 after Nov 19th 2014, then GB Pro now comes with an automatic licence transfer function, which is easy to administer yourself (read more). If you have a support contract with us then you will be able to obtain support from us. Please read the notes found here as it contains important information on the exceptions to the Forever Licence.

What paper do I need to print invoices on

GB Pro is designed to use either blank A4 or Letter size paper. You can use any printer using these sizes provided it will print onto A4 or Letter size. This includes dot matrix (impact printers) provided they will print out A4 or Letter size.

What options have I for printing invoices

There are several options for printing invoices:

1. Using our system headings. This allows you to use blank paper with your company details printed in the top right hand corner of the invoice. This prints in black and is the most popular option. Print Invoice

2. Use your own logo. You can create your own logo (bmp) and insert this into the system. When using this invoice design please ensure that within your logo you insert your company address and phone numbers. This will print a colour logo (if you have a colour printer) in the top right hand part of the invoice. Print Invoice.

3. Use your own pre printed stationery. With this option you can have you own pre printed stationery and then print onto this. This is the less popular option and does require you to match the space reserved on our invoice layout to the design of your letterhead. Print Invoice

4. We have left the first 2.5 free at the top of an A4 page for your own preprinted letter head. Nothing on this first page is printed in this area.When you print each invoice you can choose which of the above options to use. You do not need to make a one off decision that cannot be changed later. Print Invoice

Can I connect to GB Pro from home or on the road

Yes you can, call us and we can advise on the options that are available (and very affordable). However in principle if you install a product such as GotomyPC or Logmein on your PC and you have a good 3/4G or higher service in the area then you can connect back to your office /workshop PC.

I dont run a Garage business but still need a management system

We have a sister product called TRADESBase which is ideal for most other business that require a management system but is less vehicle orientated. Please click here to visit this website.

File Server

A file server is a PC that only holds data files but nobody actually sits at this PC and uses it. File servers are typically stored in a cabinet etc and hold data centrally. PC workstations then connect to the file server and draw the data from them. If GB Pro data is held on a file server then its the data file on the file server that must be backed up not on the workstations connecting to file server. Used in this example (above) you do not need a licence for the file server.