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Send Reminders via SMS (text) Email Letter or Phone list.......... your choice

Send Test and Service reminders and increase business - you can also run bulk email campaigns to your customers with various different offers:

  • GB Pro can send your reminders for MOT and Service via either SMS (text) message, Email, or via a Letter.
  • With each reminder you have the option of choosing how to send the reminder . If you have their Email you can send an email reminder - if you have their Mob No then you could choose to send the reminder via a SMS (text) message, or if you prefer send a letter. You will need to have an internet connection to send SMS or Email messages, and if you are sending SMS messages then its approx 4p to send the reminder.
  • With each choice, SMS Email or Letter, you can easily setup up the default content of the reminder, and GB Pro will enter the relevant MOT or Service details for you, so each reminder is personalised to the recipient. Its a professional way of communicating with your customers.
  • And finally you can of course still sent your reminders by Letter. Again you can create your letter content and print out the letter.
  • The system will also provide a phone list for businesses who prefer to contact their customers by phone to advise of the reminder details

SMS No additional software to install

  • As the SMS Text software is build into GB Pro there is no need to install or pre configure any other software its all there within GB Pro if you don't want to use the SMS feature or have not got broadband then you can ignore this part of the system (if you have broadband please use the SMS part of our system you'll ll love it and so will your customers). You will need an account with Bulk SMS to use the SMS feature and ofcourse need an internet connection