1. Who has my credit card details

We bank with HSBC and our merchant credit card agreement is with Global Payments. You can pay for your software using HSBC own secure payments partner called Relex Payments. We DO NOT use any other collection agency. Your initial order (just name and address) is processed by www.romancart.com (which are HSBC authorised) from there you are taken to Relex Payments (part of Global Iris). Its here that you enter your credit card details NOBODY ELSE BUT HSBC HAVE YOUR CARD DETAILS ”NOT EVEN US. Once the transaction is complete you will receive an email with the download link on it.

2. No I still don' t like using a credit card online

Thats OK you can call us and provide your card details over the phone we can then send you an email link for you to download GARAGEBase Pro.

3. Business to Business (B2B)

B2B online transactions (Software downloads) are not covered by any statutory cooling off period.

4. I don't want to use a credit card at all

That is not a problem you can send a cheque to us or make a BACS payment and we can dispatch the software a few days later (BACS same day money arrives). Please see our contact details for payment details etc.